Refund Policy

1 Request for Refund

Subject to the terms and conditions in this Refund Policy and the Terms of Service, Buyer may apply for a refund of the purchased ("Service") and/or refund prior to the expiration of Piool Warranty Period as stated in the Terms of Service.

Piool Guarantee is a service provided by Piool, at the request of the User, to assist the User in dealing with certain conflicts that may arise during the course of a transaction. Users can communicate with each other privately to resolve their differences or contact local authorities to help them resolve disputes that occur before, during or after using the Piool Warranty.

2. No Change Of Mind

Except as stated in this Refunds and Items Policy, Buyer may not apply for a Return of Goods and/or funds through Piool Guarantee because he has changed his mind.

3 Refund

Buyer's money will only be refunded after Piool receives confirmation from Seller that Seller has received the returned Goods. If Piool does not hear from the Seller within the specified period, Piool has the freedom to return the appropriate amount to the Buyer without further notification to the Seller. For more information on Seller response deadlines, please click here. Refunds will be made to the Buyer's credit card or Piool account, as appropriate.

4. Refund a maximum of 30 days

Every transaction that you do knowingly and has agreed to the terms and conditions together, we can make a refund no later than 30 days after you submit a refund request.

5. Refunded Funds Go To Wallet

After you apply for a refund, we will enter your wallet balance in your account, if your funds are already in your wallet, you can make automatic or manual withdrawals.

Last modified: January 25, 2022